Real At Home Business

Any real at home business will always leave a positive track record by having the following three things:

  1. Real people that you can contact that have made a successful living off of doing the business.
  2. You will not be asked to purchase more products than you can use.
  3. You should not be asked to bring in more business owners, than products you can sell.

There are many real at home business, that you can find online today. But all to often the fake ones, and the ripoffs ends up on the front page of the searches.

Successful Real At Home Business

A successful real at home business will normally begin with the individual operating the business. Those that fail usually fail to work on themselves, instead they buy what they need for the business like training ebooks, business plans etc. All of this is well needed but at one point you must begin to work on yourself before you can begin to make any kind of living off of your passion.

Most of those that have failed, did so because they neglected to do the work on the inside. Like learning to become someone to be trusted, to be a likable person, to let go of all negative feelings when doing business. Remember the first rule you learned in your business; people will buy from you only if they like and/or trust you.

Another main reason for home business failure is that often the business owner will listen to others that have failed at business. For example when you tell someone you know about your new business, they will more than likely tell you why they never did it. And why you should not do it either. For this reason it may be a better idea not to tell your friends or family about your home business.

Buying to Much Business Products

If you are buying lots of products and the business is not taking off, one of two things is happening:

  1. You’re being ripped off.
  2. You’re not being trained very well on how to use the products for your business.

More than likely it is two, often we go into business making sure we have everything we need. What we do wrong is buy to much to fast, and never get properly trained on anything. The only way to solve this problem is simply, re-examine everything you bought for your business and contact at least two or three people who are doing better than you and seek advice from them. Be careful with this. If they tell you to buy more stuff from them, You should cut your losses and get out of that business.

Being Ripped Off

If you company is holding weekly or monthly meeting and you are expected to buy something chances are you are being ripped off. You do not a whole bunch of seminars, meetings etc. to grow your business.

Killer Free Home Business Ideas to Adopt

There are numerous Creative Home Business Ideas and opportunities that people sitting at home can adopt. Internet is a number game, and you have to propagate your ideas throughout the World Wide Web. More and more people should know what you want to say about your business. For this purpose, you may adopt any of the traditional or distinctive strategies.

Your main aim should be to write more and more articles, comments and whatever you want. You should rely on your own resources for the purpose, and do not think about getting some certificate, diploma or degree before writing (though it will be an added advantage). Every literate person has the capability to write; so write about a personal experience about your business that you feel is impressive, and can prove beneficial for others in the same way as it proved for you.

Look at the following killer ideas while writing:

1. Join some forum. You do not have to be an expert in grammar to write there. You must simply be able to express your mind. People, at the forum, will tell you about their personal experiences about their business progress, and so will you. It will lead you to tell them what you feel about a certain idea. You will come to know about various people and their income groups.

2. The most operated search engine, now-a-days, is Google. So, you should rely mostly on its power. The selection of the most suitable keyword(s) is a must before writing the article.

3. You may use the services of Google AdWords for the purpose. You should select the Keyword Tool and find the keywords that are most suitable for the topic that you have selected for writing. The related keywords, their high or low competition, global monthly searches and local monthly searches will appear there. You simply have to pick the required keyword(s) from there and use them in your article. You may also take help from other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc to check if their crawlers allow the same keywords there.

4. Write an article based on your personal experience as how you got success in your business. This success story or autobiography will give you confidence. If you are not sure about your grammar or spellings, you may get help from Microsoft Word to check spellings and some other internet based programs (like GRAMMARLY) to check your grammar. You may also hire the services of a proof reader to make corrections in your article wherever it is necessary. Submit it in different directories with a back link to your business related website.

5. An article based on keyword(s) will appear with a better ranking in search engines when the targeted clients search for it. This type of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will go a long way to help you in going ahead with your Creative Home Business Ideas.

6. Submit your article(s) to as many famous directories as possible: EzineArticles, Hubpages, Squidoo etc may be your choices.

7. Moreover, you must submit the link of your article at Digg and Stumbleupon. This act will boost the internet traffic back to your article, and then to your business website. This is the best place to promote your Free Home Business Ideas over the World Wide Web.

Thus, you can use your Free Home Business Ideas and tell people to follow you. Your personal experiences will be beneficial to them.

The 100 Best Business Books of All Time

Need a great idea?

One of the quickest ways to find a high-quality idea for your business is to read a good book.

But how do you find a “great” book, out of thousands of mediocre books?

I’m recommending The 100 Best Business Books of All Time by Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten.

You will find some familiar titles among the 100 best business books included here, like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I think everyone I know has read that (or read about it)! You’re sure to find some of your favorite books in here.

More importantly, you’ll find many books that you haven’t heard of before. If you need some help with your sales, or want to be a better leader, or want to create a business that runs without you – all those titles are contained in this book.

Each book is reviewed on 1-2 pages. This is an easy book to pick up, open at random, and find a great idea.

The authors have organized the titles into 12 sections: ranging from You (improving your life, your person, and your strengths) to Leadership to Sales and Marketing to Creativity. It’s also fun to read one section at a time, to see how many different angles there are on the same topic.

In addition, the authors include sidebars on movies, novels, and even children’s books that illustrate business ideas.

Having read through about 30 of the 100 reviews, I’ve come away with an understanding of which books I do and don’t want to read. I definitely want to read Michael Gerber’s book: The E-Myth Revisited. From the review: “Gerber contends that the true product of a business is not what it sells but how it sells it. Gerber formalizes this belief in a system he calls the “Business Format Franchise.” The key is to create a systems- dependent business, not a people-dependent business.” If you’re in a networking marketing business, you know exactly what he means.

Though I love the title Orbiting the Giant Hairball, I don’t really want to read about how individuals can work for corporations, with all the benefits of a large organization behind them, AND stay in a creative flow.

I’ve also gotten important ideas from reading these short 500-1000 word reviews, without reading the full book. For example, I love the balanced scorecard concept – that there is a small number of key metrics you want to collect and review for your business on a regular basis. However I don’t think I want to read an entire book on that idea.


What would make the biggest difference in your business right now? Is it self-development for you, or more marketing help? Try finding a book on the topic, using either book I’m reviewing today or one of your existing books. There’s a great nugget that’s just right for you, somewhere in a book.